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Air escaping from surgical mask

Graphic Gifs With Tests Done on Masks

Dear Reader,

Today we’re going to take a look at some pretty cool research that was just published by the American Institute of Physics. The research visually shows whether or not N95 medical-grade masks actually stop the spread of COVID-19.

I’ve had my team insert GIFs to illustrate the results of this study. It may take a few seconds for them to download if any readers have slow internet connections. Please be patient, as they are worth seeing.

Let’s first have a look at an N95 mask with exhalation ports on the mask.

We can easily see that all of the air and virus particles shoot right out of the exhalation valves on the front of the mask. It doesn’t stop the spread.

Now let’s look at an N95 mask without exhalation ports.

The N95 without exhalation valves is interesting. We would think the mask acts like a filter for all of the inhaling and exhaling, but the research shows differently.

Instead of the spread happening through the exhalation valves, it escapes and circulates on the sides of the nose, initially lingering in the air just above the head and facilitating spread. We should remember that this exhalation is the unfiltered spread of viral particles.

And just for those who are curious, here is the video of surgical masks, which are even worse.

We can see in the video above that the unfiltered exhalation emits primarily from the top of the mask, directly through the mask, and around the bottom of the mask to a lesser extent. It is also clearly visible that the air particles (and thus the virus) project directly in front of the wearer.

And we can also “see” the ineffectiveness of masks in stopping community spread in countries like Japan and South Korea. They have perfect obedience at national levels with regard to wearing masks daily, but both countries continue to see spread of the virus.

I share this information so that we can all understand the truth directly from research. We are fed false platitudes from the media and even our medical community daily about the effectiveness of masks.

This is a false and dangerous “security blanket.” In the absence of a vaccine, nothing other than strict isolation will work.

I say it’s dangerous because I have written about research previously that demonstrates that masks do not offer us protection from COVID-19. Our only chance to reduce the possibility of becoming infected is with a professionally fitted N95 mask paired with eyewear that makes a perfect seal over the face.

And even then, we aren’t fully protected.

Surgical masks don’t work, and cloth masks can actually increase the risk of infection. They trap virus particles and provide them with a humid, warm place to hang out with prolonged exposure to our airways.

For those who are at risk, please understand the above information. Strict isolation is the safe approach. This means not coming into contact with any friends and family who do circulate, disinfecting packages that are delivered to the home, and wearing sealed eyewear, gloves, and an N95 mask.

Our best course is to protect and isolate those at risk and allow spread through the low-risk parts of the population, which is precisely what is happening right now.

Herd immunity among the low-risk members of a population protects those at high risk… helping the virus burn out in a couple of months by leaving it nowhere to go.

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  1. This is an excellent illustration showing ineffectiveness of masks, however, what virus? Has the “virus” actually been isolated? Do we have proof of the “virus” being any more different than the common-cold / Corona ? …….. also this article seems to enforce isolation and ongoing protection from this invisible threat. … Also this article does not discuss the beauty of our immune systems to do the great work, on it’s own (our own) without being suppressed. Just saying. 🙂

    1. Thank you Kiannaa,
      You are right we will have to add an article about the immune system. That is what has worked for thousands of years. 2020 had a flu season the same as any other year. People with masks still got the flu whether or not it was called Covid 19. It was our immune system in the end that protected us. I copied this article as is from another site so ya that was the opinion of the author.
      We do know better now that the whole Covid thing is a scam. I simply wanted to get the illustration of the mask performance so take only what you want out of this article.

  2. […] The authors were brave to publish this research. After all, we’re told that masks protect us and stop the spread, but the actual research clearly states otherwise. Even the N95 masks do not stop the spread of viral particles. […]

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